Do you need glasses?
Or can you improve your own eyesight naturally?

The typical eye chart that is used to test vision only tests one visual skill - acuity.
And unfortunately, acuity is the “last link in the chain.” By the time a person has trouble
seeing the eye chart clearly, underlying difficulties have already developed in the visual system.
This vision test may seem simple on the surface, but it helps to uncover some of the underlying
patterns that contribute to eye and vision problems.

What is your Vision? Take this simple test and find out.

This vision test may seem simple on the surface, but it helps to uncover some of the underlying patterns that contribute to vision problems.

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Start changing these underlying patterns with a training system such as The Program for Better Vision and your problems with acuity can start to improve. This program can help you see more clearly, reduce or end your dependency on glasses and relieve feelings of discomfort and tiredness in your eyes.

SCORING: Questions 1 - 8 score 1 point for each YES answer. Questions 9 - 13 score 1 point for each NO answer. RESULTS: If your total is more than 2 points, your eyes will benefit from a regular routine of vision improvement. The higher your total point score and percentage, the more your eyes will benefit from Better Vision products!

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Your vision is precious, care for it wisely.


There may be more than one product that could help your vision condition. Please see the VISION CONDITIONS for more information about vision and recommendations about which product to use.



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