We send EYEMAX-plus to thousands of people all over the world who want to play an active role in the health of their body and maintain their vision.

See below for common questions about our Eyemax-plus formula:

Where can I get EYEMAX-plus?

EYEMAX-plus is available exclusively from the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision. That’s how we can keep the price as affordable as it is, even though EYEMAX-plus is such a high quality product. We send EYEMAX-plus directly to your door, wherever you live. We have thousands of customers all around the world.

Who developed EYEMAX-plus?

EYEMAX-plus was originally developed by eye doctor Dr. Gary Price Todd, a pioneering holistic ophthalmologist and one of the first medical professionals to recognize the role of nutrients in eye health.

In developing the original formula, Dr. Todd carefully monitored the blood levels of his patients. And when he gave them different vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants he studied the effect on their eyes - and on their overall health. He even had other eye doctors participate - and he measured their blood levels, too.

“Dr. Todd is a leading nutritional ophthalmologist.” Dr. Robert Atkins, creator of the ATKINS DIET

Ophthalmologist Dr. Gary Price Todd, M.D. (1941 - 1998) was one of the first eye doctors to recognize the role that key nutrients play in helping people keep clear vision and healthy eyes as they age. Dr. Todd is the holder of two patents and author of Nutrition, Health and Disease, The Eternal Triangle, Eye Talk and Acquiring Optimal Health. He graduated from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University. As a naval officer, Dr. Todd served as Director of Hyperbaric Research at Groton. He also served as Chief of Ophthalmology for the American community in Japan and practiced ophthalmology in Waynesville, N.C.

Is EYEMAX-plus in tablet or capsule form?

EYEMAX-plus comes in tablet form only. If necessary, the tablets can be snapped in two for easier swallowing. They may also be crushed for mixing with food or drink.

Who should take EYEMAX-plus?

Your eyesight is precious and it’s up to you to play an active role in the health of your eyes. That’s why we believe that everyone who is concerned with achieving and maintaining optimal eye and body health should take EYEMAX-plus. It’s the only way to give yourself this unique combination of nutrients that nourish and replenish the visual system and the body. EYEMAX-plus is not medicine or a drug and is not a cure. It helps you make your visual system as healthy as it can be, so you can preserve your sight - now, and into the future.

Can children take EYEMAX-plus?

Yes! Not only can children take EYEMAX-plus - it’s vital that their eyes get important nutrients.

Dr. Ben Lane, New Jersey optometrist and pioneer in the role of nutrition in myopia and other eye diseases, believes that trace minerals are crucial in maintaining the strength of the eye. Dr. Lane has found that chromium levels in myopic children are 1/3 that of children with normal vision. (Chromium is depleted in the body by white sugar.)

Calcium levels are also lower in nearsighted children. Children increasing in the degree of myopia have diets extremely deficient in calcium. Dr. Lane thinks that in the face of this dietary deficiency, the body takes calcium from the eye to help support bone growth. This calcium lack then makes the eye susceptible to the forces playing on it during prolonged periods of near work and visual stress.

Vitamin C is also important. Dr. Lane has noted that low levels of dietary intake of Vitamin C are associated with increases in pressure in the eye. This increasing pressure also is associated with the visual fatigue that can result from extended periods of near work. The focusing mechanism needs adequate levels of vitamin C and chromium for efficient functioning. Adequate levels of Vitamin C are also needed to ensure the strength of the eyes.

Another vitamin that Dr. Lane thinks is of critical importance is folic acid, which helps the eyes to maintain near focus for longer periods of time as well as increase the eyes’ ability to absorb nutrition from the body. All of these nutrients - and so many more - are in EYEMAX-plus.

Those 18 and older are considered adults and the daily dosage is 4 tablets (two twice a day). It is recommended that younger children take one tablet a day per 50 pounds of body weight.

Can I take EYEMAX-plus with NAC drops for Cataracts?

Recently, eye drops containing N-Acetylcarnosine (NAC) have been marketed as a treatment for cataracts. Originally developed in Russia by Dr. Mark Babizhayev, the drops now appear under different trade names, including CAN-C and Bright Eyes NAC.

There are five reasons why we do not recommend these drops:

  • NARROW FOCUS: These eye drops work only on the eyes and do not appreciate the three essential facts of a holistic approach to eye care:
    1) The health of the eyes is a reflection of the health of the body;
    2) Eye disease may indicate a need for greater health in the total body;
    3) As you make the body healthier, the eyes become healthier too.
  • INTERFERENCE: According to the manufacturer, these eye drops won’t work if you’re taking a comprehensive vision formula. For example, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are known inhibitors, though other anti-oxidants are suspect as well.
  • EXPENSE: The last time we checked, these eye drops were costing between $30 - $80 per month.
  • MISSING THE POINT: These eye drops don’t even address the underlying factors that contribute to the formation of cataracts in the first place.
    Specifically N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is derived from the sulfur-containing amino acid, cysteine. It is produced naturally in the body and is also obtained from the diet. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, which is the body’s most important cellular antioxidant.The body produces all the glutahione it needs - when the body’s selenium levels are adequate. That’s one of the reasons why EYEMAX-plus contains a rich amount of selenium.
Can I take EYEMAX-plus if I'm getting Lucentis injections for Macular Degeneration?

EYEMAX-plus is not a drug and is not a medical treatment. Lucentis injections are. Some people use EYEMAX-plus along with the injections as a way to nourish and replenish what the eyes need for optimal health. If your eye care specialist determines that you can take supplements, then EYEMAX-plus is probably your best choice.

What about other eye problems such as Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc?

It’s important to understand how EYEMAX-plus works.

EYEMAX-plus builds up the health and strength of all parts of your visual system and your body. It nourishes and replenishes the visual system - and the body - with the key nutrients. EYEMAX-plus doesn’t replace regular medical care. It doesn’t treat disease. Yet, whether or not you have a disease or condition of the eyes, doesn’t it make sense to do what you can to keep your eyes healthy and maintain the vision you have?

Can I take EYEMAX-plus if I am on doctor-prescribed medication?

EYEMAX-plus contains the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that your eyes and body need for optimal health. In rare situations there may be concerns about interactions with prescribed medications. If you are on prescribed medications consult your doctor, pharmacist or eye care professional for advice for your particular situation. We cannot give advice for individual situations.

If your health care professional says that its okay for you to take a daily multi-vitamin, then you should have no problems with EYEMAX-plus. Even if your doctor or health care professional does not believe in the necessity or value of nutritional supplements, they know the medications that you’re taking and are in the best position to advise you regarding any possible interaction issues.

I have an eye condition you haven't mentioned. Will EYEMAX-plus help me?

It’s important to understand how EYEMAX-plus works.
EYEMAX-plus builds up the health and strength of all parts of your visual system and your body. It nourishes and replensihes the visual system - and the body - with the key nutrients. EYEMAX-plus doesn’t replace regular medical care. It doesn’t treat disease. Yet, whether or not you have a disease or condition of the eyes, doesn’t it make sense to do what you can to keep your eyes healthy and maintain the vision you have?

Are there any known side effects from taking EYEMAX-plus?

No. However, f you are taking doctor-prescribed medications, you should check with your eye or health care provider for any known interactions.

How long do I have to take EYEMAX-plus?

EYEMAX-plus is not like a medicine that you take for a short period of time until symptoms disappear. EYEMAX-plus doesn’t focus on symptoms. Instead, EYEMAX-plus focuses on building optimal health, maintaining the vision that you have, and preserving that sight now - and into the future as you get older.

There’s a world of difference between the mere absence of disease. and the building of greater and greater levels of health. EYEMAX-plus is the foundation for building optimal health. We’d expect that you’d want to take EYEMAX-plus for as long as you want your eyes and body to become healthier and healthier - now, and for the rest of your life! EYEMAX-plus continues to nourish your body and eyes as for as long as you continue to take it.

What's the recommended amount to take? How long does one bottle last?

It’s recommended that a person take 4 tablets a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). EYEMAX-plus comes in two sizes: One month supply (120 tablets) and a two month supply (240 tablets).

Can I take more than the recommended amount?

It’s not generally recommended to take more than the suggested amount of EYEMAX-plus - two tablets twice a day. If you want to do more to reach the optimal health of your visual system and body, see the additional nutritional supplements that we have carefully chosen to build on and multiply the power of EYEMAX-plus.

Is EYEMAX-plus all I need?

EYEMAX-plus is the essential foundation for promoting optimal eye health.

EYEMAX-plus also functions as your daily multi-vitamin because the formula is a powerful, comprehensive, complete and well-balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Some people could use more - when their eyes are really bad or when they want to get faster results.

Does EYEMAX-plus replace my daily multi-vitamin?

In almost all cases, YES! We don’t recommend that a person take a generic daily multi-vitamin on top of EYEMAX-plus.

Because you can’t separate the overall health of the eyes from the overall health of the body, the nutrients in EYEMAX-plus nourishes both your visual system and your body. Compare both the list of nutrients and their dosage amounts in EYEMAX-plus to your current multi-vitamin. Virtually every time, EYEMAX-plus is the more potent, comprehensive and complete formula.

I'm already taking vitamins. Can I just add EYEMAX-plus to them?

Not necessarily. EYEMAX-plus is a potent blend of 33 essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in a carefully balanced formulation. EYEMAX-plus is so comprehensive and well-balanced that it has more than nearly every popular daily multi-vitamin you can find.

Combining EYEMAX-plus with additional vitamins and/or minerals may be appropriate for certain people in certain situations. That decision should be made between you and your health care professional. Beyond that, we cannot offer personalized advice.

Are supplements really necessary?

Many people find the issue of supplements so confusing, they do the worst thing of all - they don’t take any! And that’s a mistake no one can afford to make. Or, some think that if they eat right, they’ll get all the nutrients they need.

But even if you eat a perfect diet - and there’s plenty of controversy about exactly what a perfect diet is - and eat all the fruits and vegetables you’re supposed to, it’s still nearly impossible to get all the trace minerals your body and eyes need.


Because modern farming methods have depleted the soil of important minerals such as selenium, manganese and vanadium. Even calcium and vitamin C are found in lower levels in fruits and vegetables now than 50 years ago. You could eat all organic fruits and vegetables, which have been shown to have higher levels of these important minerals and vitamins. But organic produce is often hard to find and costs much more.

Certainly, some foods are better than others for the health of your eyes and your body. We do recommend eating as well as you possibly can. Even then, it’s still extremely difficult, if not impossible, to confidently get all the nutrients you need from your diet alone.

Why does EYEMAX-plus contain 100%, 200%, or even more, of the Minimum Daily Requirement of some vitamins and minerals?

The Minimum Daily Requirements were originally set by the United States government to ensure that people did not acquire a deficiency disease associated with a lack of a particular nutrient.

Preventing a disease and acquiring optimal health are two different things. EYEMAX-plus was developed to help you achieve optimal health and the 33 different vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in EYEMAX-plus are there at the levels to support that.

Dr. Gary Price Todd, who developed the original formula behind EYEMAX-plus, labored diligently to determine the right combination of nutrients and worked even harder to determine the necessary amounts of each nutrient.

Why a total body formula, not just one for the eyes?

When you take a supplement you can’t magically tell it to go only to your eyes. Every single vitamin, mineral or herb that research indicates is beneficial to your eyesight also has benefits to other parts of your body. For example, Vitamin A is helpful for the eyes, but it also helps regulate the immune system, among other things. Vitamin C works against free radical damage throughout the entire body,not only in the eyes. Lutein is found in very high concentration in the eyes, but it’s also found in the liver, heart and thyroid. And so on…

You might be surprised to know that:

• One third of the oxygen you take in goes to nourish the visual system

• One quarter of the food you take in goes to feed your visual system

You can’t separate your eyes from the rest of your body. Nourish your body and you nourish your vision. The health of your body and the health and clarity of your eyes go hand in hand.

How does EYEMAX-plus compare to other supplements?

It’s amazing what some other companies will try to sell with their so-called vision supplements. For example, some might contain the “latest” ingredients that are good for the eyes - like bilberry, L-taurine, lutein or zeaxanthin - but in such woefully small amounts that they are nearly useless to the eyes and body.

Some supplements leave out other, even more important key ingredients, altogether. Still others pay little attention to achieving the delicate balance necessary so the right combination of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants work together to boost their individual effect.

The quality of different supplements is not always the same either. Cheaper ingredients manufactured poorly can be sold at a lower price. But are they any good?

Is EYEMAX-plus FDA approved?

EYEMAX-plus is not a medicine or a drug. Medicines and drugs require FDA approval. EYEMAX-plus is a potent, comprehensive and carefully-balanced nutritional supplement that promotes and supports optimal eye health. It does not need FDA approval.

Is EYEMAX-plus Kosher?

EYEMAX-plus is not Kosher. It is, however, vegetarian.

Does EYEMAX-plus contain all Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients?


Does EYEMAX-plus have any poor quality ingredients from China?

No. First of all, most of this concern centers around rice and wheat, none of which are in EYEMAX-plus. Secondly, Douglas Laboratories, the United States manufacturer of EYEMAX-plus, rigorously tests all of its ingredients, and they have source ingredients that are manufactured in many different countries, including China.

All materials have been tested and been shown to be free from any contamination with melamine or related compounds,” according to Douglas Labs.

Is DCP (di-calcium phosphate) or calcium phosphate used as a binder ingredient?

No. The only excipients/binders used in the EYEMAX-plus formula are cellulose, vegetable stearate and silica, all of which are listed on your label under other ingredients.

Is EYEMAX-plus tested for absorption rates?

If a supplement does not break down properly to allow its ingredients to dissolve in the body, it means you won’t get the full benefit of its contents. Douglas Labs, the laboratory that manufactures EYEMAX-plus, ensures that it meets the standards for tablet break down set by US Pharmacopoeia (USP). In the body, absorption occurs after the tablet is dissolved.

If I order a 6 or 12 month supply will EYEMAX-plus still be fresh?

The expiration date is printed on each bottle. It is far enough into the future that you can order and use a 12 month supply of EYEMAX-plus.before you reach the printed expiration date.

I travel a lot. Is it safe to bring EYEMAX-plus through airport x-ray machines?

Yes. According to the laboratory that manufactures EYEMAX-plus, this will not affect their potency.

Can too much vitamin A be toxic? What about smokers?

It has always been known that taking very large doses of vitamin A for a long period of time can be toxic to the body. Recent research suggests that perhaps even lower levels of vitamin A intake may be a problem as well.

However there is nothing to worry about with EYEMAX-plus. The total amount of vitamin A - 15,000 IU - is below the possible toxic thresholds suggested. Equally important, 55% of the vitamin A is in the form of Beta-Carotene, which converts to vitamin A only if your body needs it. Beta-Carotene is a source of pre-vitamin A. As such, there is no concern necessary regarding toxicity.

You may have heard about studies that seem to suggest that smokers should not supplement with vitamin A. This is not what we believe. In fact, there are other studies that suggest that vitamin A deficiency leads to emphysema. If the diet contains an ample amount of fruits and vegetables and a minimum amount of processed grains and other foods, we support the regular intake of vitamin A, certainly in the levels found in EYEMAX-plus. The research associating Vitamin A with an increase in lung cancer for smokers is still controversial, with expers on both sides of the issue. Most prior research indicated that a full range of supplements, including Vitamin A, were helpful to smokers.

What about aspartame? Isn't it bad for you?

There isn’t any aspartame in EYEMAX-plus. There is aspartate in EYEMAX-plus but aspartate and aspartame are completely different.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that some research suggests may be damaging to the health of the body. Aspartate is a naturally occurring amino acid essential to many bodily functions. The words may be similar, but they are very, very different.

Is heat used in the pressing or manufacturing of EYEMAX-plus?

No. Rather, a cold-press process is used, which preserves much more of the nutrient value in each tablet. As in all other aspects, we always strive to bring you the highest quality!

Isn't cellulose bad for you?

There is a very small amount of cellulose used as a binder in EYEMAX-plus but it isn’t bad for you. For example, vegetables contain cellulose.

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