The 3 Most Important Keys Every Vision Improver Needs..

And Here’s How You Can Get Them All!

Whatever your vision problem, there are three keys that every vision improver needs:

1. Access to a library of vision-related resources that bring you the most effective techniques for your sight.

2. Conection to other people who are also taking steps to get better vision so you can get support, learn from them and offer your advice and suggestions.

3. With our committed customer service you can guidance and direction when you need it so that you can rest assured that you are doing the right things for yourself.

Your vision success is important to us. That’s why we started the EYESIGHT CLUB so that you could get all of this in one place. The Club is the one place where you can sustain the changes you are making and continue reaching your vision goals.

Now, we’d like to invite you to become a Club member for HALF PRICE.

There are hundreds of vision improvers already in the Eyesight Club.
Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Great content.”
“Thanks for doing this.”
“I got more help for my eyes in the first hour!”
“It really helps to have the support of a community.”

If you’re anything like the other members of the Club, you’ll also discover how much value there is when you become a member. But if for some reason the Club isn’t for you, there’s nothing to worry about, because you’re protected by the Lifetime Guarantee:



You can leave the Eyesight Club at any time and you’ll never be charged another penny. And, everything you’ve learned for your eyesight will be yours to keep for the rest of your life!

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The Program for Better Vision®

The Secrets Behind The Program for Better Vision® Lecture Series

Easily Erase Astigmatism program

The Power of FusionTM for eye differences & imbalances

Natural healing for Macular Degeneration & cataracts

The 10 Keys to Better Vision

All About Your Glasses

What Your Glasses Reveal About You

More Resources Too Numerous To List Here!

My personalized advice for your vision


Learn from others
As part of the Eyesight Club, you’ll be able to share your experiences with other members. Learn what’s working for them, how they’re making changes, how they’re applying vision improvement principles in their lives.

You’ll be able to post your comments, ask questions and learn from others on a protected platform. You can share your experiences. Even talk about your frustrations and your challenges. Get support and encouragement when you need it.

You won’t have that feeling of being alone - of trying to explain yourself to people who may be cynical.

You’ll be connected to all the other people who share the same desire as you - to have the clearest, sharpest vision that you possibly can. If you ever get frustrated, or think about giving up, go into the Club to get the inspiration that’ll keep you going.

As a member of the Eyesight Club you will have access to our history and knowledge as a company that has helped thousands of people attain better vision. We will be there for you to answer any questions you may have about our products and about you and your path to better vision. (We do not provide medical advice nor provide a diagnosis of visual symptoms. We are not doctors and cannot answer any questions of a medical nature. For those sorts of questions we will advise you to consult a medical professional).

Join The Eyesight Club At Half-Price - This Week Only

HALF-PRICE: $19.95 $9.95/month

We are pretty sure that you’re the kind of person that we created the Eyesight Club for, but you won’t know until you look into it yourself. That’s why - for the next few days only - we will give you the chance to see what the Club holds in store for your vision - for Half-Price.

If you’re as ready to see better as we think you are…. Want the support and encouragement to keep moving forward…Stay up-to-date with new techniques and processes… Understand the deeper teachings of vision…. Then you’re exactly the kind of person we want in our Eyesight Club.

Please read all of this letter to discover everything the Eyesight Club offers…especially if you want to get the most improvement you can in the shortest amount of time.

We know you may have already started on your journey towards better sight, but this Eyesight Club offers so much more….

Let us tell you a little about our history:

Our founder, Martin Sussman, spent 35 years teaching people to see better. He first started by teaching in his hometown - offering in depth, powerful weekend vision seminars called EYECLASSES. Early on, somebody came from Boston to take EYECLASSES. This person got so much from it that he brought Martin to Boston to teach the seminar. Participants kept telling their friends about the changes they were seeing in their vision, and pretty soon Martin was traveling to New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Montreal, San Francisco (to name a few cities) to offer EYECLASSES. After a few years, the EYECLASSES seminar was being offered just about every other weekend in one city or another all over North America.

Martin built up a community of people in each city who wanted to see better. They supported each other after the seminar and the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision also worked hard to support them in every way we could. Whenever Martin returned to a city, he would teach special classes that showed them advanced, deeper techniques and exercises.

He would also do individual sessions with people to show them that extra thing - the exercise or inner release technique - that would be just the right thing for their eyes at that moment. Martin would find eye doctors in each city who cooperated with giving them weaker and weaker prescriptions. He’d connect them with other professionals who could help them in their journey towards better vision. It was the community spirit that allowed people to spread the possibility of better vision and achieve their personal goals. 

Now, when you become a member of the Eyesight Club,
you can become a member of a community too!

Join the Eyesight Club
HALF-PRICE: $19.95 $9.95

Have you ever tried to tell others that you’re improving your vision without glasses or contacts? Or try to get support and encouragement for your efforts? Maybe you just got a blank stare in response. Or, worse yet, outright criticism, judgment or mocking.

Become a member of The Eyesight Club and you’ll be part of a strong vision-improving community. It won’t be limited to people in one city, or one country. You can become part of that community regardless of where you live. Other people who understand what you trying to do, who can share their successes and challenges. Other people who speak the same vision-improvement language. Other people who are also seeing better.

Enjoy a Wealth of Vision Resources at Your Fingertips

As I said, I’ve been teaching for 30 years. During that time I’ve amassed a storehouse of knowledge about vision. I’ve got file drawers filled with advanced techniques and special exercises. For example:

• Easily Erase Astigmatism. Did you know that are simple variations you can make to some of the techniques in The Program for Better Vision to attack astigmatism? In addition to those, I’ll also give you access to a brand new techniques and vision charts that tackle astigmatism directly.

• Even if you’ve been using The Program for Better Vision, there’s more you can learn to have it work even more. Listen to the Secrets Behind The Program for Better Vision - three hours of inside tips and deeper teachings that I couldn’t fit into The Program.

Join The Eyesight Club At Half-Price - This Week Only

HALF-PRICE: $19.95 $9.95/month

I’ve never released much of this knowledge before, except to some EYECLASSES graduates and to those people with whom I’ve done personal consultations.

Sure, I could probably write another book, or two or three…but I don’t want to just sell another product.

I want to share my immense knowledge with you - and people like you…people who are ready to master their vision, sharpen their sight, and really produce the results that are possible.

Sometimes, I’ll release a new CD that tackles a particular issue, other times an instruction manual, perhaps a new vision chart, or conduct a teleclass on a special topic. (ADDED BENEFIT: Even if you don’t attend a teleclass, you’ll have access to the audio recording.)

As long as you’re a member of the Eyesight Club, it’s all yours to access - at absolutely no additional charge.

Every month that you’re a member of the Eyesight Club, you’ll find something new, something different, to help you on your journey to better sight.

But, you won’t just learn from me….

Learn from the Masters of Vision

There are other eye doctors and vision experts who are doing amazing things with vision and exploring the vast connections between eyesight and other aspects of ourselves.

I’ll record interviews with these masters and share them with you. Experts who know about:

• The latest research into the causes of - and natural treatment for - medical eye problems
• Using vision training to improve sports performance.
• Saving and protecting eyesight in children
• What your eye prescription tells you about your personality
• How acupuncture can improve your sight
• Understanding how the visual system is a map of your body
• Clearing emotional issues quickly and easily from your vision
• How body therapies and massage can help to improve sight
• And many others too numerous to list

I’ll scour my network of experts I’ve met during my career and bring their incredible knowledge to you, so you can find the keys that unlock your innate ability to see better.

I’ve got two unpublished manuscripts from one vision expert I met in 1981. He’s long since passed away, but last year his wife gave me permission to make his work available. (No, it’s not Bates-type exercises, and you can’t find everything he taught anywhere else - even if you do an exhaustive search on Google.)

And there are three other manuscripts I have to share with you. Two were written by an English doctor and the other by an American. There are some things in these manuscripts that I’ve never seen anywhere else. (Again, neither is the Bates method, but I’m also going to make the original book by Dr. Bates - a pioneer in vision improvement if you haven’t heard of him - available to members of the Eyesight Club.)

Become a member of the Eyesight Club and you’ll have all of the above - and much more. An ever-growing resource of vision materials will be at your fingertips.

Join The Eyesight Club At Half-Price - This Week Only

HALF-PRICE: $19.95 $9.95/month

But you may still be wondering, “How does it all apply to me? What do I need to do for MY eyes to improve?”

Let Me Be Your Personal Guide

When you become a member of the Eyesight Club, you’ll have exclusive access to me. Shoot me an email anytime you have a question about your eyes or about a technique. If it’s a quick answer, I’ll get back to you quickly.

Perhaps I’ll explain to you a variation on a particular technique that could do wonders for your sight. Or, I’ll point you to a new technique, or suggest a different direction to focus on.

Along the way towards clearing your eyesight, many startling, surprising and wonderful things may happen. Stressful memories might be released, new understandings might emerge, and startling breakthroughs are likely to occur. I’ll show you how to handle these watershed moments when they happen, so that you are able to understand and fully use them for your growth.

But when you become a member of the Eyesight Club, you have exclusive access to whatever I can show you - at no additional charge!

We know a lot about vision - but we don’t know absolutely everything. If we don’t know the answer to your question, I promise you that I’ll do everything I can to find someone who does and get that information to you.

I’m also building the resource center of the Eyesight Club. I’ll share with you the bibliography of vision books that I’ve read. I’m always adding links to other sites that are doing valuable work. I’ll post the latest vision research and forward thnking opinions of experts in the field.

My dedicated staff and I are working hard to grow the Eyesight Club into the one place where you can find…

Everything for Your Eyes!

When you become a member of the Eyesight Club you’re telling me that you’re dedicated to having the sharpest, clearest vision you can. That you’re ready to change the way you see - for the better.

And I’m giving you everything I can to make your journey as successful and rewarding as it can be:

• New vision programs
• Regular teleclasses
• A community of like-minded people
• The Masters of Vision series
• Exclusive access to me
• An ever-growing resource center
• Never-before-available manuscripts
• and much more!

Purchase these products and services separately, and you would pay hundreds of dollars.

Become a member of the Eyesight Club and they’re yours - absolutely free!

Join The Eyesight Club At Half-Price - This Week Only

HALF-PRICE: $19.95 $9.95/month

We look forward to seeing you in the Club!

All the best in sight,

Cambridge Institute for Better Vision