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The Fusion String Technique is a very powerful process for re-training your eyes. Below are some extra tips to make this Technique even more effective for you.

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The Fusion String Technique is a very powerful process for re-training your eyes.

Here’s some extra tips to make this Technique even more effective for you:

1. Read and Re-read...

Read - and re-read - the “Notes” section of the Fusion String Technique. You’ll find out what to watch for as well as suggestions to overcome common issues.

2. Notice What You Are Seeing.

Chances are, not all the beads will be equally clear when you first begin. Instead of paying attention to what you can’t see, look at what you CAN see. A particular bead may not be perfectly clear, but notice what you are seeing - how it looks to your eyes right in the moment. Don’t try to force anything to become clearer. Everything will become clearer naturally, as long as you start from what you are seeing. The more you look, the more you’ll see. Make sure you relax your body and breath regularly, and look without strain or effort. Most of the strain and effort comes from trying to see better. But if you relax and look at what you are seeing, you engage the visual centers of the brain to respond more fully and to eventually see more clearly.

3. Move the X.

The ultimate goal when working with the Fusion String is to be able to make the X cross at each of the 10 beads as you move your vision up and down the string. Of course, not everybody can do this when they begin. (After all, if you could, your eyes wouldn’t need to use the Fusion String!) Pay particular attention to the Cross-Over point - that part of the string that is the boundary between being able to make the X cross on the bead you’re looking at, and not being able to. Move your eyes a little bit in each direction and you’ll eventually be able to move the X too.

4. See a Y instead of the X?

That’s called suppression - when the visual centers of your brain are blocking out part of the images that the eyes are sending. If you see a regular Y, that’s known as Central Suppression. If you see and inverted Y, that’s Peripheral Suppression.

Seeing only one image of the string instead of two is an extreme case of suppression - the brain is completely blocking out images from that eye, assuming that the eye is functioning.

Just by using the Fusion String Technique the feedback your brain is getting will start to break the suppression habits and make the visual centers more fully open up to your eyes. For most people it happens in the first couple of weeks.

See #2 in the Notes section of the Fusion String Technique. In addition to the verbal commands you’ll find there, here’s another to use: “My mind uses both my eyes equally and fully.”

If your suppression goes on much longer than that, let us know. There may be an underlying condition that may need to be addressed.

5. Can't see the bead?

Well, that’s why you’re using The Program in the first place, isn’t it? Be patient with your eyes and see #2 above.

Remember that sharpness is secondary to coordination. In other words, in order to see clearly, your eyes have to accurately point at that point in space that you want to see clearly.

Experiment with doing the Fusion String Technique with your glasses or contacts once or twice. Most people find that the underlying eye coordination imbalances remain, even though the lenses might sharpen things.


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