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The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision had its early beginnings in our founder’s personal experience. The moment he realized he could see without his glasses he experienced a new and empowered sense of self. The clarity he reached on a physical level radiated, and brought greater mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity to his life. As he explored the art of seeing and learned what had lead to his poor vision and what allowed him to see more clearly, he grew more and more intrigued. Eventually this path of discovery would lead to his life’s work and bring clearer vision to thousands of people around the world.

Martin Sussman began wearing glasses as a child and continued to need stronger and stronger prescriptions and thicker and thicker glasses. When he was a young teenager his Father gave him the book, Better Eyesight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates. Martin’s first experiment with vision improvement however, didn’t last very long. He gave up on the exercises from the book and was soon back to getting stronger and stronger glasses. But he never grew to like them.

“When I was 26, I was ready to begin a more in-depth exploration of my vision. A major turning point came when I was “palming”, trying to relax my eyes. I had done this exercise many times before with no apparent immediate success, but this time was different.

Before I took my hands from my eyes, I suddenly felt and knew - with complete inner certainty - that I could see. When I opened my eyes, everything was clear. I really could see! This spell, or flash, of completely clear vision lasted for nearly 3 minutes. Though it faded and my old way of seeing at that time returned, this experience showed me that there was nothing wrong with my eyes. I just needed to re-awaken my ability to see and allow it to re-emerge. I continued to explore ways to encourage this re-awakening and I continued to see better and better.”

Inspired to share what he had achieved, Martin joined up with his colleague, Tom Boyer, and together they created a seminar called EYECLASSES. The seminar lead people through a holistic exploration of their vision and taught techniques for achieving greater clarity. EYECLASSES spread across North America, Canada, and the UK.

“Regaining my own vision and sharing what I learned with others inspired me and brought me great joy.”

In 1985, after 10 years of giving the EYECLASSES seminar, Martin Sussman adapted the processes and techniques into an audio program that people could use at home, thus founding the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, as we know it today. Martin developed and co-developed a series of other vision improvement programs, and authored and co-authored books and audio events including The Program for Better Vision Book, The Advanced Program for Better Vision series, The Read Without Glasses Method (co-developed with Ray Gottlieb) and Total Health at the Computer (co-developed with Dr. Ernest Loewenstein and Howard Sann).

Called “an expert” by CNN News and “a real pro” by NBC Today, Martin Sussman appeared on radio and TV over 50 times. His appearance on CNN made “broadcast history”: It was the first instance that a segment from “News from the World of Medicine” was re-broadcast. Martin was not an optometrist or an ophthalmologist but a natural vision care expert. He went beyond the medical and mechanical models of vision, believing that vision is profoundly affected by the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

“I know from personal experience that you can surprise yourself - and your eye doctor -

when you do some very simple things to take charge of your own vision.

Whatever the problem is that you have, you can find natural, safe and effective solutions and see better than you do today.”

The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision continues to help people improve their vision and care for their eyes with a holistic approach. We send our products all over the world and continue to receive incredible feedback and delight in the inspiring stories of success from our customers. If you are looking for a new approach to eye care you have come to the right place.




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