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“I don’t use glasses anymore. My headaches are gone, and I’ve learned how to keep tension away from my eyes and to control my body with my mind. Your Program is organized well and is very effective.”

- Michael Brandau, Baltimore MD

Program for Better Vision FAQs:

Can I use The Program for Better Vision if…I’m nearsighted or farsighted? I have middle-aged sight? I have astigmatism? I’m sensitive to light? I suffer from eyestrain? I’m young? I’m old?

People with all these visual conditions have been helped by using The Program for Better Vision. In fact, The Program is being used successfully by people from ages 8 to 90. Your age or the strength of your current glasses will not limit you-you can train yourself to have better vision.

The Program for Better Vision is an educational approach to vision improvement. You’ll learn how to develop the skills that are crucial to clear eyesight - Accommodation/Focusing, Binocularity/Convergence, Peripheral Awareness and Mental Concentration.

The Program gives you a truly holistic approach. You’ll improve by using the power of your mind as well as effective physical techniques and vision exercises. Your vision will become as clear and as sharp as it can possibly be.

The Program for Better Vision is not designed to treat medical problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. If you have any of these problems, click here.

How do I use The Program for Better Vision?

Each audio CD guides you through a refreshing and effective 15-20 minute Vision Session each day for an initial 8-week period. This schedule lets you confidently proceed step by step towards better vision. You can use The Program less often than every day, but you’ll get the most from regular and consistent practice, however many times per week that might be.

You will learn how to use your eyes effectively and easily throughout the day, minimizing the build-up of eye stress and possibly preventing future problems before they develop.

How do I use my glasses or contacts while on The Program?

You don’t necessarily have to stop using glasses completely. Some people improve while using their current glasses (contacts) less and less. Others take the intermediate step of using a weaker prescription.

The Program will show you exactly which is the right way for you to use glasses so that your vision improves as easily and as quickly as possible.

What results can I expect?

Within the initial 8-week period, many people see a 10 to 50% improvement. No matter how ‘bad’ your vision may be now-you can train yourself to have better vision. In your next consultation with your optometrist, your prescription may become weaker and you’ll be using your glasses less; you may even be able to stop using them altogether!

You will see more clearly, with less effort, and you will also experience better memory, sharper concentration, more vivid imagination and a more positive self-image. And, as you continue, the greater the changes can be.

Who created The Program for Better Vision?

Martin Sussman, founder of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, created The Program for Better Vision. Since 1976, more than 250,000 people have contacted the Cambridge Institute for help with their vision.

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