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The Program for Better Vision e-BOOK
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Contains 202 page book, 5 Vision Charts,
8-week Training Routine, Advanced Exercises


Fusion String Instructions
(are located in the book or you can
click below for online instructions)

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“I’ve read many other books about improving vision without glasses, but yours is more efficient,
nicely scheduled and easy to use. Congratulations for all the work you put into it.”

-Dr. Natalie Weytjens, Eye Physician, Belgium


The Program for Better Vision BOOK FAQs:

Can I use The Program for Better Vision if…I’m nearsighted or farsighted? I have middle-aged sight? I have astigmatism? I’m sensitive to light? I suffer from eyestrain? I’m young? I’m old?

People with all these visual conditions have been helped by using The Program for Better Vision. In fact, The Program is being used successfully by people from ages 8 to 90. Your age or the strength of your current glasses will not limit you - you can train yourself to have better vision.

The Program for Better Vision is an educational approach to vision improvement. You’ll learn how to develop the skills that are crucial to clear eyesight - Accommodation/Focusing, Binocularity/Convergence, Peripheral Awareness and Mental Concentration.


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