See Clearly Again Without Annoying Reading Glasses


Another tip for your Read Without Glasses Method

One of the secrets that makes the Read Without Glasses Method so effective is the physiological connection between turning your eyes in (convergence) and the ability to focus (accommodation).

Here’s a way to use that connection to increase the power of the Method:

Hold the chart at arm’s length and focus on your finger 2 - 4 inches in front of your eyes. Try to get 3 dots on the third row of the chart (the row with the two large dots). You’ll have to experiment with moving your finger closer or farther from your eyes and you might have to move the chart also. When you can get 3 dots on this row, you should see 7 columns with the center dot and the center column popping in closer to you in 3D.

Move your chart and move your finger

The closer to your eyes you can bring your finger and the further from your finger you can move the chart - while still maintaining the 3D - the more you are stimulating and exercising your eyes.

Remember also to maintain your awareness of the 7 columns. Sometimes you can get over-focused on the 3D effect and block out your peripheral awareness. This isn’t helpful to your eyes or to your practice. Keep your vision “opened up” - see the columns while maintaining the 3D.

Shoot us an email and let us know how this tip works for you!

All the best in sight,
- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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