See Clearly Again Without Annoying Reading Glasses


“Open up” your vision…

When doing the Read Without Glasses Method it’s easy to get absorbed in the 3D effect and to forget about another crucial aspect: opening up your peripheral vision to help sharpen your sight.

When you get the 3D effect on both Parts I and II, how aware are you of the the 5 columns that you’re eyes are also seeing?

See all the columns

In addition to noticing the 3D effect, also train your brain to become more and more aware of the 5 columns of text - and particularly the outer column on either side.

The “wider” you can make your awareness while also maintaining the 3D effect, the more impact the Read Without Glasses Method has on your vision.

Some people find that when they widen their vision, they lose the 3D effect. If that happens to you, close your eyes, take a few breaths and then open your eyes and resume.

Other people seem to be more aware of the outer columns on one side more than they are on the other. That’s normal at first, but try to train your brain to see both outer columns at the same time - while maintaining the 3D.

All the best in sight,
- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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