See Clearly Again Without Annoying Reading Glasses


Try this with your Read Without Glasses Method

Here’s one question we get from people using the Read Without Glasses Method:

“What do I do once I get the 3-D?
And, how long do I hold it for?”

Getting the 3D effect in both Parts I and II is the first step in making the Method work on your eyes.

But, what you do once you have the 3D can make the difference in what kind of results you see.

Your Eyes, Mind & Body

The key to deepening your experience is what you do with your eyes, body and mind once you have the 3D.

Let your eyes drift down to the first line of type that’s not readable. Look at each one of the letters (fuzzy as it might be) and trace the outlines of what you’re seeing with your eyes. See the white space between the individual letters, one by one. Remember to blink.

Shift your focus from the center column to the type on the columns on either side (while still maintaining the 3D) and be aware of the depth or distance between the outer columns and the center one. As you continue with your practice, that sense of the difference of depth will increase.

Let your mind - your mental focus - be soft and relaxed. Resist any temptation to squint or try to see.

With your mental focus, become aware of all the columns you can see as you work your eyes.

Find places of tension anywhere in your body - from your toes to the top of your head - and relax them. Don’t hold your breath - breathe regularly and deeply. When you engage your eyes, mind and body in these ways you’ll find that you may get flashes of sharper vision. When you do, move your eyes to the next smaller size of type that’s just out of focus and see that line sharpen as your mind becomes softer and your body more relaxed.

You can hold the 3D and practice with these tips for as long - or as short - as you want. If your eyes tire, close them, relax and breathe, and then re-open your eyes and continue.

You can always squeeze in a few moments with the chart - while eating breakfast, during commercials on TV, even while talking on the phone! Be creative in thinking of new and different times that you can use the chart.

Let us know what you experience when you try these tips.

All the best in sight,
- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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