See Clearly Again Without Annoying Reading Glasses


How To Use The Smaller Chart In Your Read Without Glasses Method


Know that smaller, credit card size chart you got with your Read Without Glasses Method?

It’s a simplified version of the large chart so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Here are two ways to use it:

1. Impress your eye doctor. This is what Judy does when she’s in her doctor’s office waiting for her eye exam:
“I’m 55 and have been staving off the need for bifocals for 15 years with the Read Without Glasses Method. When I’m in my optometrist’s office waiting for my yearly eye check up I do the method. I love to hear the amazement in the eye doctor’s voice that I still don’t need bifocal contact lenses 15 years after he first told me I would.”

2. “On-the-spot” Training. Reach for the chart instead of reaching for your reading glasses. Need to read the menu? Pump up with the chart for a minute or two. That map out of focus? Exercise your eyes. Waiting with nothing else to do? Pull out the chart! It’s easy, quick and your eyes will love it.

Need One?
Click here to get as many copies of the Wallet Chart as you want. They’re not expensive and we’ll send them to you without asking you to pay shipping or handling.

All the best in sight,
- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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