Try this with your Read Without Glasses Method



This tip was sent in by Sue Sadowskyj, a happy user of the Read Without Glasses Method who found a great way to squeeze in a few extra minutes every day for her eyes.

“A while ago I read in your newsletter about the man who does his exercises in the shower. Spending that long in the shower didn’t suit me, but this idea stuck in my mind.

“I drive to work 30 minutes each way so thought that might be a good opportunity. I used the “Cross your eyes” chart whenever I stopped at the traffic lights.

“One day I forgot to take the chart. I looked at the dashboard and noticed the Speedo and RPMs in separate circular dials. So I converged these. I’ve expanded this to include some of the more advanced exercises, such as:

Converging but still trying to read each dial individually

Converging the tail lights of the car in front

Alternating between converging the near objects, then to looking into the distance and then converging the tail lights of the car in front

Doing eye stretches looking at the steering wheel in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion and from the center out to each imaginary hour and back.

“I find this few minutes spent whenever I am stopped at the traffic lights really helps to relax my eyes and make my vision clearer.”

“I began using your amazing Read Without Glasses Method a few years ago and within a few months went from +2.00 down to +1.00. I can now read restaurant menus, shopping lists and other things for short periods without any glasses. I do use my glasses for extended periods of reading and using the computer.

“I had tried behavioral optometry about 20 years ago but just didn’t get the results I needed. The difference with your program is the way in which it is written and the excellent tools that are provided, like the video and eye chart. You’ve made it so easy to get results.”

Thanks Sue!

Sue proves one thing: When you give your eyes a little regular attention, they give back to you exactly what you want: vision you can count on!

We hope this tip inspires you!

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All the best in sight,
- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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