See Clearly Again Without Annoying Reading Glasses


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This tip was sent in by Steve Hamilton, a member of the Eyesight Club and user of the Read Without Glasses Method who found a novel way to sharpen his close up vision in dim light.

“Let me give a brief summary of my experience before I share my discovery.

“I am now 55 years. I had 20/20 vision until my 40’s. I resisted glasses until it got to the point that I could no longer read a book or newspaper. Pretty tough if you love to read.

“I got glasses when I was 48 or so. I was delighted the first time I put them on. I could see again! I had not realized how bad my vision had become. My original intention was to only wear the glasses for reading, but I ended up wearing them all the time because the world was so much clearer.

“I noticed after several years that again the world was getting blurry. It was becoming difficult to read even with the glasses. This was my wake up call that, if possible, I had better do something or I would soon be wearing coke bottles.

An unusual practice tip for where to use your chart…

“For the past 24 months I have been regularly engaging in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercises to recover my what used to be 20/20 vision.

“A favorite is the Read Without Glasses Chart. I keep the Chart in my shower stall. This is possible because of the protective waterproof laminate that the Chart came in. I don’t know if this was the purpose for the laminate, but I have surely benefited. I like to use the chart in the shower for 2 reasons. First reason is this ensures that I use the chart at least one time each day. The second reason is because the shower stall has dim light. I have found that this is an effective way to improve the ability to read in low light situations. I also keep several shampoo bottles in the shower. I practice looking at the labels on the bottles. I do not allow myself to look at the label in good light. This way I cannot cheat. When I successfully read the small print in the subdued light for the first time, I know without any doubt that I truly have made an improvement.

“On a similar note I have charts on various walls in different rooms in different lighting conditions. When I walk into the room I can look at the charts to accurately gauge the state of my visual acuity. My vision changes throughout the day due to stress, fatigue, emotions, etc. I would say that this is my biggest challenge now, to consistently maintain clear vision. It does get easier as time goes on. I think the most important thing for me is to not let my emotions control me. When I don’t let go of negative emotions, my ability to see clearly suffers for it.

“I hope this will be of help to others. I would say, “Do not get discouraged.” I truly am amazed how much better I can see now than I could 2 years ago. I am typing this and using my computer without glasses, not possible 24 months ago

- Steve H Norman, OK


Try it yourself…

If you want to try out Steve’s idea, click here for a laminated chart of your own. We will send you as many as you want - and we won’t charge you anything for shipping.

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- Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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