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Built upon a holistic approach, the vision conditions and solutions described on this web site offer self-help alternatives for people who want to better their vision, minimize the use of glasses or contact lenses, enhance perceptual skills and/or develop emotional clarity.

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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress.

BACKGROUND: A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. There are different types of cataracts, but the most common, a nuclear cataract, develops as a person ages. However, developing cataracts is not a sign of aging. Cataracts are a message to you that your visual system and your body are out of balance and need healing. You may be deficient in critical nutrients and/or the nutrients are not getting to where they are needed most. Something is happening that is impeding the flow of nutrients, blood supply, oxygen, nerve supply and circulation to your eyes and visual system. When you take steps to make your eyes healthier, your body becomes healthier too. Even though it is easier to prevent a cataract than to reverse it, it is possible to achieve results even after a cataract has start to develop. The rate of growth can be slowed or stopped, cataract surgery can be avoided, and the size of the cataract can be reduced or eliminated completely. Use our Vision Formula EYEMAXplus to help avoid the need for cataract surgery. Depending on your cataract level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS to do even more for your progress. We also offer EYE DROPS to alleviate the symptoms of cataract. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND: Eye drops containing N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) have been marketed as a treatment for cataracts. Originally developed in Russia by Dr. Mark Babizhayev, the drops now appear under different trade names, including CAN-C and Bright Eyes NAC.

There are five reasons why we do not recommend these drops: NARROW FOCUS: These eye drops work only on the eyes and do not appreciate the three essential facts of a holistic approach to eye care: 1) The health of the eyes is a reflection of the health of the body; 2) Eye disease indicates a need for greater health in the total body; 3) As you make the body healthier, the eyes become healthier too. INTERFERENCE: According to the manufacturer, these eye drops won’t work if you’re taking a comprehensive vision formula that contains EVERYTHING the eyes need for optimal health. For example, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are known inhibitors, though other anti-oxidants are suspect as well. RESULTS: Go to the websites that sell these eye drops and carefully read the results that they claim. At first glance, they may look impressive, but they don’t compare with EYEMAXplus. EXPENSE: These eye drops cost between $30 - $80 per month. Click here to compare that to the monthly price of EYEMAXplus. MISSING THE POINT: These eye drops don’t even address the underlying factors that contribute to the formation of cataracts in the first place.

Specifically: N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is derived from the sulfur-containing amino acid, cysteine. It is produced naturally in the body and is also obtained from the diet. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, which is the body’s most important cellular antioxidant. The body produces all the glutathione it needs - when the body’s selenium levels are adequate. Adequate selenium levels are affected by other nutrients. POST CATARACT SURGERY: Even after surgery, some people are still left with vision problems. If you have difficulty focusing at near without reading glasses, you can use the Read Without Glasses Method, provided that both of your eyes see equally clearly, or at least approximately the same. If your eyes do not see nearly the same - or if you’re wanting to improve your distance vision - then you should use The Program For Better Vision. The lens of the eye is replaced during cataract surgery, so when you use either of these two programs you are working on the other aspects of your vision that affect the quality of your sight: the muscles that move and turn the eyes, the coordination between the visual centers of the brain and the eyes, and the ability of the brain to adequately process visual information sent along the neural pathways.



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: Macular Degeneration, whether in the dry or wet form, is one of the more serious threats to your vision. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Macular Degeneration is now widely recognized as one of the more nutritionally responsive conditions. In other words, feed your eyes and body the right nutrients and supplements they need, and chances are very good that your sight may stabilize and improve. Read our TESTIMONIALS to see how people with Macular Degeneration are helped every day. Wet and dry Macular Degeneration: Dry Macular Degeneration occurs when drusen (white or yellow spots) accumulate in and around the macula from deposits or debris from deteriorating tissue. The macula becomes clogged with this material, which can make small areas of pigment swell up and possibly die. Small holes can be left so that no “signal” is sent through to the brain. Dry Macular Degeneration is by far the more common, affecting 90-95% of those diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, and develops gradually over time. About 10 percent of the time, dry Macular Degeneration progresses to the more advanced and damaging form - wet Macular Degeneration, when new blood vessels grow beneath the macula and leak blood and fluid. This leakage can cause permanent damage to light-sensitive retinal cells, which die off and create blind spots in central vision. Fluid buildup causes the macula to bulge, distorting vision, often resulting in a dark spot in the center of vision or the experience that straight lines look wavy. The underlying process causing wet Macular Degeneration is the body’s misguided way of attempting to create a new network of blood vessels to supply more nutrients and oxygen to the macula. That’s how starved the eyes have become! Significant vision loss can occur in a very short period of time once the health of the eyes has deteriorated to wet Macular Degeneration. That’s why it’s so important to the future of your eyesight to start a program of nutritional SUPPLEMENTS as soon as possible. Thyroid and Macular Degeneration Many researchers and eye professionals believe that an under-functioning thyroid is a factor in the onset of Macular Degeneration. An under-functioning thyroid can also be an issue in many other physical symptoms in the body and eyes. See our Thyroid Home Self Test in the AUDIO EVENTS & LECTURES section to find out more. Other Macula Related Problems There are many other conditions that can affect the macula of the eye, including macular dystrophy, macular pucker or macular hole, to name a few. All of these conditions, from our holistic point of view, are different symptoms that stem from common underlying causes. Our role at the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision is to provide information and products that help to rebuild the structural integrity and health of all parts of the eyes. As you give your eyes the nourishment, exercise and rest they require for optimal health, you can have a positive effect on these, and other, conditions. Is laser treatment a good idea? Laser treatment for Macular Degeneration should be considered as an absolute last resort and emergency procedure. Here’s why: Laser treatment attempts to restore lost vision by sealing small leaks in the blood vessels of the macula, temporarily preventing the spread of leakage. However, it also destroys good tissue and healthy blood vessels, which may cut vision down even more. And, Laser treatments may be needed again to seal off new leaks, again destroying more healthy cells. In addition, Laser treatments may interfere with more natural, holistic steps to restore vision. The director of the National Eye Institute, Dr. Paul A Sieving, MD, Ph.D. agrees. After overseeing the Complications of Age Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial (CAPT), which found that low-intensity laser treatments fail to have any effect on the progression of vision loss due to Macular Degeneration, Dr. Sieving concluded, “the only established way to decrease the risk of vision loss in people with early MD is to take daily supplements of vitamins and minerals.” Dr. Sieving adds, “after 35 years of inconsistent results from preventive laser treatment trials, we now know that this approach does not seem to stop vision loss from Macular Degeneration.”(Review of Optometry, December 15, 2006) Listen to the experience of Dr. Gary Price Todd, leading nutritional ophthalmologist: “I had a person who came to me last week who I had first seen six months ago. I had gotten him up to 20/30 vision, I said do not allow anyone to shoot you with a Laser. He saw another physician in Atlanta, the doctor dilated him and rolled him into the laser room immediately and lasered him and the man now has hand motion in one eye and 20/400 in the other and he’s not very happy. “Very seldom does a person improve once they’ve had Laser treatment. I’ve had people come to me with 20/60 vision in the left eye which had been treated with the Laser, 20/400 vision in the right eye which had not been treated with the Laser and when I’m through with my treatment they still see 20/60 in the left eye but they’re seeing 20/25 or 20/30 in the right eye.”

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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: Did you know that excess tears running down your cheeks could be a symptom of dry eyes? When the eye isn’t getting enough lubrication a signal is sent through the nervous system for more lubrication. In response, the eye is flooded with tears to try to compensate for the underlying dryness. Other dry eye symptoms may include:

  • A sense of a foreign substance in your eyes.
  • Stringy mucus discharge in or around your eyes.
  • Increased eye irritation
  • A stinging, burning or scratchy sensation in eyes.
  • Eye fatigue after short periods of reading.
  • Light sensitivity
  • A gritty sensation, itching, redness
  • Blurring of vision

Tears are composed of three layers: an outer layer of oil, a middle layer of water and an inner layer of mucous. An imbalance in the composition or a decrease in the amount of tears produced are the two primary causes of dry eyes. Some causes of dry eye are environmental - low humidity, high altitude, second-hand smoke, etc. Others are habitual - people tend to blink much less when staring at a computer or engrossed in work that demands high concentration. Still others are nutrition based - lower levels of vitamin A or Omega 3 fatty acids, as one example. Dehydration also contributes to reduced tear production. Some doctors believe that dry eyes increase in post-menopausal women. Medications can also interfere with proper tear production. In some cases, an under-functioning thyroid is indicated. Tips for Dry Eyes:

  • Blink regularly and lightly. (The eyes normally blink every 3-5 seconds.)
  • Drink plenty of water. (1/2 ounce of water for each pound of body weight per day.)
  • Use only natural eye drops. (We recommend Similasan EYE DROPS for a variety of dry eye and related symptoms. ).
  • Eat plenty of red/orange and green vegetables
  • Eat cold-water fish 2x/week or the highest quality fish oil. See our Ocu-Omega Fish Oil.
  • Regulate the humidity in your office or home if possible. (35-50% humidity is suggested.)
  • Use a complete vision & body supplement formula to make sure that the eyes and visual system are getting all the nutrients they need. Our recommendation is EYEMAX-plus.

If your dry eyes are caused by nutritional deficiencies, then you might experience the same kind of results that this person has: “I saw my Ophthalmologist this week. I have had extremely dry eyes and he mentioned that he was surprised how much better the dryness was. I also have some other eye problems which had not changed significantly. I was preoccupied with these and the improvement in the dryness did not really register - until later. The one thing that has changed since my last visit 3 months ago was that I started taking EYEMAX-plus. I immediately told my eye doctor and sent him a link to your website.”



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: The two eyes, when properly controlled by the brain, are designed to work as a team, turning, pointing and focusing in unison. This critically important visual skill is called Binocularity and Convergence. Surprisingly, almost 70% of the U.S. population has a deficiency in this skill, to one degree or another. Because Binocularity and Convergence are rarely tested in a routine eye exam, most people are only aware of a deficiency because of the symptoms they are experiencing. Minor difficulties with Binocularity and Convergence can result in eyestrain headaches, difficulty reading or concentrating for extended periods and poor depth perception and balance. Left undetected, the problem can worsen - sometimes dramatically and quickly - leading to an eye that turns in or out (eso- or exophoria), eyes that do not point together (eso- or exo-tropia), an eye that sees markedly less than the other (amblyopia), and nearsightedness (myopia) in one eye or both, to list some of the symptoms. As a rule, ophthalmologists are woefully inadequate in their approach to these issues. They only know two things to do for an eye that turns in our out: Patching, and then when that fails, surgery. First of all, patching is rarely completely successful on its own. It must be combined with other training methods if there’s any hope for success. And eye surgery for turning eyes is only successful in 1 out of 4 cases in actually restoring binocular vision - the two eyes working together, controlled by the brain. On the other hand, a comprehensive vision therapy examination from a behavioral optometrist, which is MUCH more than just patching, is very effective, but you’ll never get it from a conventional ophthalmologist or optometrist because they are not trained in it.(Find a BEHAVIORAL OPTOMETRIST now.) The long-standing belief among conventional doctors has been that if lazy eye (amblyopia), is not caught by about age 8, it is too late to do anything about it. That is not our experience, and recent research confirms that the brain and eyes can benefit from training well past the age of eight. One study, conducted at the University of Science and Technology of China, demonstrated an average of 70% improvement - after only 19 days of training! Helping you develop better Binocularity and Convergence is an important part of The Program for Better Vision. The Program shows you specific techniques for the eyes and works on training your eyes and brain to work together, fully and equally, and also shows you how to stimulate the inner healing abilities of your mind, body and emotions to help your vision improve. It’s important to recognize that the underlying, primary reason for the eye difference lies in the visual centers of the brain. Over time, the brain has developed patterns of over-attending to the visual input from one eye, at the expense of the other. Obviously, both of your eyes are open at the same time, but the brain is not equally receptive to the visual input. This inequality leads to unequal sight. The key to regaining more equal seeing is to re-awaken all parts of the brain so that it uses both eyes more equally, fully and together. Through re-training the brain, the eyes will then become more equal. This leads to many benefits, including: less eyestrain when reading or using a computer, better depth perception, increased balance, more peripheral awareness, and a more relaxed and highly functioning visual system. As a first step to re-training your brain, you can adapt some parts of The Program for Better Vision to this situation. So many people have asked about this issue that Martin Sussman created a new program, The Power of Fusion. Through the use of new training techniques as well as specially-designed charts, The Power of Fusion works directly to re-activate the visual centers of the brain. The The Power of Fusion is also good for other eye differences, including eye turning and mild cases of amblyopia because these problems also originate in the visual centers of the brain. As one user of the Program said: “When I realized that one needs binocularity to read comfortably I had already finished college. I will never pray for anybody to go through what I went through with reading in college. Closely looking at my eyes I found that my right eye hardly followed the movement of my vision. But I went to see an optometrist and he said I had 20/30 vision in right eye and 20/20 vision in my left. I started the Program for Better Vision and by the sixth week I saw an ophthalmologist. I told him what the optometrist said about the 20/30 vision, and he said he must have lied. I now told him about the exercise I have been doing, and he said though it is not his field but it must have helped me, because the symptoms that were supposed to be associated with my eye conditions were not there. He believed it was just psychology. He actually said the exercise could not have improved my vision. I told him the symptoms were there before and even since childhood, but he did not respond. He then concluded that I had 20/20 in both eyes and there was nothing wrong with my vision.” Here’s another example of what a user of The Program for Better Vision has experienced: “My vision has improved greatly. I used to wear a prescription of -4.50 in a bifocal lens. I now use a -200 in a single vision lens. I don’t wear glasses during the day at all. I use them at night because I am a commercial driver. I had amblyopia (lazy eye). Now due to my work with the Fusion String and Fusion Chart (parts of the Program for Better Vision) I am actually able to pass some of the depth perception tests of my optometrist.” Some people who try to correct their turning eye through natural methods have already had one or more surgeries that have not been completely successful. This kind of surgery involves cutting one or more of the eye muscles. Because the length of these muscles has been altered by the surgery, it is difficult to say how much improvement is possible with The Program for Better Vision or by any other natural method. Each person’s eyes are different and respond differently. After unsuccessful surgery, we’ve seen people with major problems get major results, yet sometimes those with minor problems do not get even minor results. Why? Because problems in Binocularity and Convergence originate in how the brain uses - or does not use - the two eyes together, equally, fully and completely. It is not primarily an eye problem; therefore the visual imbalance can be reflected in other parts of the body. Even when the eye problems have existed since a very early age if a person follows a full and comprehensive approach to changing the brain/eye patterns, greater changes usually result. Eye turning, amblyopia and strabismus can sometimes result from underlying cranial and neurological imbalances that need to be addressed in order for vision to change, particularly when present in children That’s why we recommend Cranialsacral Therapy to determine if there is a underlying issue involved here. Alternatively, a chiropractor trained in Cranial Occipital Therapy can also determine and correct any mis-alignment. Developing overall body balance and neural coordination also helps. That’s why we include exercises for this in the advanced section of The Program for Better Vision book. Mineral deficiencies have also may play a role in eye turning, amblyopia and strabismus. Our nutritional formula for vision, EYEMAXplus, contains all the minerals vital to the health of the eyes and the neurological systems that control the eyes. A difference in the functioning and clarity of the two eyes is often reflective of an inner imbalance. Each eye represents different parts of our personality and ourselves and these eye problems may be symptomatic of a need for greater or deeper integration on an emotional, mental or spiritual level. That’ why The Program for Better Vision also contains techniques and processes that show you how to develop this inner integration and release the inner barriers to seeing. Please don’t send us pictures of your eyes. We cannot do examinations via the internet and seeing a picture of your eyes will not help you get individual advice.


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BACKGROUND: First of all, have your floaters checked by an eye care professional. Usually they’re no cause for alarm, but you should rule out any serious eye conditions that might be causing the floaters - detached retina or vitreous detachment, for example. A thorough eye examination is most necessary in situations where the floaters or new spots in the eye come on suddenly, increase rapidly, or are accompanied by flashes of light or decreased vision. Floaters are caused when the cells of the proteins in the aqueous humor (the fluid in the back of the eye behind the lens) group together. Also, as a person ages, the eye is more susceptible to Posterior Vitreous Detachment, where the gel of the eye changes its viscosity (how liquid it is). Once you’ve eliminated the possibility of any serious threat to your vision, my experience is that floaters can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or imbalance and that they can be significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated. Dr. Marc Grossman, an eye doctor who is also an acupuncturist, says “floaters are related to an imbalance in the liver meridian. One herbal nutrient that would help is milk thistle.” Dr. Grossman also adds, “Hyaluronic acid can help to decrease floaters. And it’s important to build up the integrity of the retina, so certain anti-inflammatories, such as MSM, are necessary.” Those with yeast allergies, candida or regular allergies, tend to be more prone to floaters. Dr. Grossman created the Advanced Eye and Vision Formula, an all-herbal approach to giving the eyes what they need to help combat floaters. In my experience with alternative approaches, the presence or absence of floaters seems to relate to the health and purity of the lymphatic system. For example, lymphatic massage that helps to move the lymph through the body tends to help clear out floaters over time. Nutritional supplementation is also important. I got a call recently from somebody on the EYEMAX-plus Vision formula. He had only been using EYEMAX-plus for about three months and his floaters were diminishing quite significantly. Another person using EYEMAX-plus told me that his floaters have gone away. It took about 6 months and there are lots of other benefits he’s experiencing as well. All eye symptoms, whether it’s floaters or other things, are symptoms that are not just confined to the eye. The eye is an expression of the balance, and the imbalance, in the rest of the body.



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: If you have only one functioning eye, whether due to disease, injury or some another cause, it is obviously most important to do whatever you can to promote the health and clarity of the one remaining eye and preserve the vision that you do have. We recommend:

  1. Use The Program for Better Vision. Although The Program was designed for people with two eyes, it can be adapted for one-eye situations. Once you have The Program contact the Cambridge Institute for the appropriate suggestions.
  2. Nutritional SUPPLEMENTS are also extremely important. It begins with our primary comprehensive formula EYEMAXplus. However, depending on each individual’s situation, it may require more than that. See all our nutritional supplements we offer.
  3. If you have only one functioning eye, or there is only low vision in one eye, you will not benefit from using the Read Without Glasses Method to improve close up vision, because it only is useful for those with two eyes.



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: The Program for Better Vision helps people of any age, including children. For younger children, they may need your help with learning the techniques so that they can do them properly. Also, attention spans for children are often shorter, so breaking the practice sessions into smaller time frames might be helpful.Some research indicates that children can develop myopia during a growth spurt if they are not getting the proper amounts of trace minerals in their diet or through supplements.We recommend that children use EYEMAXplus. Dosage instructions for children are different than for adults; children should take 1 tablet per day for each 50 lbs. of body weight. Adults should take 4 tablets a day. A thorough examination from a behavioral optometrist is essential for a child because it can not only detect underlying visual issues that can affect the clarity of sight, but a behavioral optometrist may also offer an individualized vision training program. Many behavioral optometrists also believe that reducing the stress of near point work is an essential part of improving distance vision and halting the progression of myopia. To achieve this reduction in stress, they may prescribe reading glasses (also known as plus lenses) to be used for close up work (Organizations to contact to find an eye doctor in your area who specializes in behavioral optometry are the Optometric Extension Service and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.) Here’s what happened when one mother decided to help her daughter: “When my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a 20/200 prescription of myopia, I was determined to find another solution than just putting her in glasses. Since my own experience with my vision taught me that glasses was not the way to go. From my personal experience, I was 11 years old when I needed glasses and as soon as I began wearing glasses, my prescription got stronger and stronger every year. I didn’t want my daughter going down that same path, I knew there was a better, a more natural way. So I did some research on-line and found “The Program for Better Vision”. I thought why not, I’ll try it. We bought The Program in January, and started right away. We committed to using The Program, and we did it 6 days of the week, spending approximately 45 min- 1 hour a day. By the end of 4 months, I got my daughter re-checked and her vision was 20/40!!! We were so happy with the results. I would recommend this program for any parent who wants a natural way of improving their child’s vision. You don’t have to settle for what the doctor says, vision can be improved!! We are a living testament to this fact. With a little work and commitment you can improve your eyes, it is very much worth it. After all, it’s the most important sense you have.”



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress. BACKGROUND: If you had LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness and you now find your distance vision slipping again, use The Program for Better Vision. If you had LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness and you now find your close up vision isn’t clear, use The Read Without Glasses Method. If you had mono-vision correction (one eye corrected for near and the other for far) then our eye exercise programs won’t help, but you should use our nutritional SUPPLEMENTS to maintain the health of your eyes for the rest of your life.



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Depending on your level, you can add additional SUPPLEMENTS and PROGRAMS to do even more for your progress.

There are many other vision conditions and medical problems that can affect a person (macular dystrophy, nerve damage, Keratoconus, Retinitis Pigmentosa, stroke-related vision issues, to name just a few). When you turn to the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision for help, it is first of all most important that you understand what we do and what we offer.

We cannot replace your regular medical and vision care. We do not show you how to treat or cure eye diseases. Eye doctors treat eye problems. We show you how to achieve optimal health and functioning of your vision. When you make your eyes healthier, stronger, more relaxed and better functioning, many negative symptoms lessen or disappear altogether. The stronger and healthier your visual system becomes, the better it will function and the better your eyes will feel - and the better you will see.

The vast majority of eye conditions are degenerative in nature - meaning that, over time, the visual system has been deprived in one or more of these five areas: Circulation, blood flow, nutrient supply, oxygen supply and/or visual relaxation and balance. A medical eye condition is a symptom of a visual system that is not as healthy as it could be and is not functioning in the most optimal way. Getting rid of problems and making your vision healthier are two vastly different things.

We show you how to take the steps towards real eye care - not problem fixing but health promoting.

The information on this site is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions of the visual system. Anyone with a medical disorder or persistent problem is advised to consult an eye doctor or other health care practitioner.

EYEMAX-plus — A powerful nutritional supplement that supports the total health of your eyes and body. [maxbutton id="14"]
The Program for Better Vision — With just a little time and a few simple techniques, thousands of people have changed the way they see. With our money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose! Get started on your path to better vision today.

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